Paul Ulloa




Role: Sr. Art Director

Agency: Weber Shandwick

Year: 2015

At Weber Shandwick I was brought in to help design pitch assets for tech giant VMWare. This pitch was ultimately unsuccessful but there was a lot of smart thinking that went into these designs and I gained a lot of valuable insight into content heavy web design. VMWare has a lot of original content that is scattered through a multitude of different blogs and microsites. This pitch was to create a unifying blog that we called "The Foundry" to host all of their content and more.



Home Page

Our team began the design process by looking at the types of content we needed to accommodate for. We identified articles, videos, Twitter, and promotions as content that needed to be represented on the home page. I designed a layout around responsive tiles that would work on any device. In order to establish hierarchy of content we created primary, secondary and tertiary tiles. Each content type could then be identified as 1 of 5 types of categories from global news to big data, each of which was represented with a specific icon. We also discussed transforming our main feature area into a live stream when VMWare was hosting one of it's many conferences.


Article Page

Articles featured pull quotes, interactive charts and social components. Scrolling past an article would open the next one without a click.


Extra Pages

We explored what a conference livestream page would look like with a Twitter feed and photos. We also designed a resource center to search for any content type.