TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays Pt.1


TGI Fridays is a leader in fast casual dining. Their in-restaurant experience is second to none thanks to their bar heritage, unique food, and friendly atmosphere. At Rauxa, I helped Fridays take that experience online with two email campaigns and a homepage redesign.



The objective for the Fridays homepage was to design a responsive layout that would improve SEO and increase engagement to Fridays promotions. By taking a mobile-first approach to design, it ensured a seamless experience across all devices. As customers scroll down, they see food photography, bold color, texture, and typography that embody the brand's spirit.



Since TGI Fridays promotions change out frequently, it was important that new and featured promotions be treated differently. Customers first see a large featured hero using video to make the food come alive and hopefully increase the likelihood of engagement.

This video shows the whole page in motion.




Modules include the option to be either full-width or split column and the option for textures and colors. These options helped add variation to new content modules. A Twitter module was designed to promote tweets for social campaigns.



Subnav & More

By adding a subnav we could get customers to important links like ordering online, finding their nearest Fridays, and viewing Fridays Rewards from anywhere on the page. Additional web elements were designed for promotional banners, alerts, and modal windows.



Agency - Rauxa
Creative Director - John Avery
Sr. Art Director - Paul Ulloa
Copywriter - Matt Mckenna
UX - John Minardi
Year - 2017



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