TGI Fridays Pt 2

TGI Fridays Pt.2


Our team developed two email campaigns for customers who have placed online orders with Fridays. Within each campaign, we defined use cases to trigger emails based on specific behaviors. We designed responsive emails with dynamic content based on customer data.


Fridays Pro Tips

This email campaign was designed to onboard new customers to the Fridays brand. We created “Fridays Pro Tips” to tell customers about the app, in-store events, Fridays Rewards, and learn about popular food items in their area.


Online Ordering

To encourage customers to place new online orders, we designed a campaign with deals and targeted recommendations. With the ability to pre-populate shopping carts, we made it easy for the customer to get food quickly with the tap of a button. Using customer data, we were able to define triggers for customers who haven’t engaged, customers likely to re-order, and customers with abandoned carts. These were just some of the many emails we created in this series.



Agency - Rauxa
Creative Director - John Avery
Sr. Art Director - Paul Ulloa
Copywriter - Taylor Wigton
UX - Sean-Paul Rocero
Year - 2016