Paul Ulloa

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays


Role: Sr. Art Director

Agency: Rauxa

Year: 2016/17

TGI Fridays is a leader in fast casual dining. Their in-restaurant experience is second to none thanks to their bar heritage, unique food, and friendly atmosphere. At Rauxa, I helped Fridays take that experience online using creative CRM campaigns, microsites, and ultimately a home page redesign.



Home Page

Our team took a strategic approach when creating the new Fridays home page. Mobile-first layouts, SEO friendly content, and maintaining the Fridays brand aesthetic were all top of mind during our early brainstorms. We also needed to make sure that ordering online, finding a location, and Fridays Rewards were easily accessible from anywhere on the page.

We came up with a full-width responsive layout that is just as useful as it is pretty. We introduced movement with header videos and button rollovers. We also created highly customizable modules that would work just as well on mobile as they did on desktop. It was also important that we look to the future and think of possibilities on how this home page could evolve.

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CRM - Onboarding Campaign

We came up with a series of onboarding emails that customers would receive after ordering from Fridays online. We created the idea of Fridays Pro Tips to introduce them to the world of Fridays. In each email we gave customers a new tip on how to maximize their Fridays loyalty. One email was about the benefits of downloading our app and another was about in-store events, all while trying to get you to click back into our TGIF funnel. By using data and a modular approach we could ensure that each email was relevant and new.


CRM  - Online Ordering Campaign

This set of emails was all about ordering online. We used data to show you popular items in your area that would take you straight to an order page. We created emails for different use cases like abandoned cart, re-orders, and inactive users.