Pacific Life

Pacific Life


Sales reps for Pacific Life meet with clients across the country and depend on their meeting notes, contact information, and calendars to do their jobs. They also need access to their latest sales goal numbers to see how well they are performing. Rauxa and Pacific Life formed a partnership to create an app that would suit the needs for reps on the go. UX, creative, and tech worked together every step of the way, making informed decisions that helped shape the app.


Design Approach & Mockups

In order to establish the look and feel for the app, we created mock ups for dashboard interfaces. Option 1 used negative space and a minimal color palette with pops of color to make it easily scannable. Option 2 used vibrant colors and incorporated texture for a more modern look. It also featured photos of the current location and a menu that exemplified the same aesthetic. Both options used sidebars to show daily and upcoming events, as well as birthdays that could be tapped on for more info.


Final Dashboard

The final dashboard design was a combination of ideas from both mockups with the inclusion of custom icons and a simplified menu. We made a conscious effort to reduce scrolling when possible so that no important data would fall off the visible screen.


More Screens

From profiles pages to calendars, these screens are part of the daily workflow in a Pacific Life sales rep's day.


Custom Iconography



Agency - Rauxa
Creative Director - John Avery
Sr. Art Director - Paul Ulloa
UX - John Minardi
Year - 2016