Paul Ulloa

Pacific Life

Pacific Life


Role: Sr. Art Director

Agency: Rauxa

Year: 2016

Since 1868, Pacific Life has provided people and businesses across the country with a wide range of insurance and investment products. PacLife reps constantly travel from state to state in order to pitch and sign new clients in order to meet their goals. At Rauxa, I helped design a tablet app that would allow these reps to access information and data from anywhere.


Early Design Mockup

This was an early design of the dashboard where I used color and texture to create a modern look and feel. I wanted to make data easily scannable with large content areas and negative space. I incorporated a welcome message and rep photos for a personal touch.


Final Design

Our first steps as a team were to understand how reps used data and how we could provide them with an intuitive interface that met their needs. We created a dashboard that reps could use to access important data quickly and easily upon opening the app. The main content area provided personal information about goals and production and the side bar showed upcoming events. We created an address book, calendar, and profile pages that would sync up to the PacLife network so reps could access everything on the road. I added UI elements like a photo of your current location, custom iconography, and UI colors that complement the PacLife aesthetic.