Paul Ulloa

Pacific Life


Pacific Life Pulse Pt. 2

Sales reps for Pacific Life meet with clients across the country and rely on meeting notes and calendars. They also need access to their latest sales goal numbers to see how well they are performing. Rauxa and Pacific Life formed a partnership to create an app that would give them access to their data from anywhere. Our team worked with PacLife every step of the way to make informed decisions that helped shape the app.


Early Design

In order to establish the look and feel for the app, we created mock ups for dashboard interfaces. Through clickable prototypes and design options we looked at a variety of ways to present data.

This early design helped started a conversation about where to take our next steps in design.


Final Design

The final product was a culmination of early designs and feedback from PacLife sales reps. We put an emphasis on simplicity and reduced scrolling to make important information scannable and present. The dashboard introduced a calendar sidebar, location aware photography and tabbed charts for different sets of data. Users could sync their app to the cloud and jump to different parts of the app from the menu.


Reps List

The reps list was a directory where reps could find each other and see their activity as well as notes. From this directory you could bookmark and highlight reps as well as get contact info or see their profile.

Reps were tasked with filling out their own profiles and were given a "Rep Profile Score" based on how complete their profile was.


Profile Pages

Reps use their profile pages to schedule and view recent meetings. Profile pages also saves meeting notes and shows sales revenue.

From the schedule page, reps can view their calendar in a day, week or monthly view. If a meeting was active, reps could leave notes and find information about attendees.



Agency - Rauxa
Creative Director - John Avery
Sr. Art Director - Paul Ulloa
UX - John Minardi
Year - 2016



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